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TNV Van Flare Kit - 3pc Mud Style Chevrolet, GMC G-Series Full Size Van 1983-1996

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TNV Van Flare Kit - 3pc Mud Style Chevrolet, GMC G-Series Full Size Van 1983-1996

Perfect Flare Kit for Mini Motor Homes, or Vans with Custom Rear Wheel Wells

The A-Team Van was one of the most popular Custom Vans to exist and this is the Flare Kit that was on the A-Team Van from the Classic TV Show. 

The TrucknVans 3pc Flare Kit for the (G10,G20,G30,G15,G25,G35,G1500,G2500,G3500) Vans comes with a Front Spoiler that features 6-1/4" x 2-1/2" rectangular air ducts you can also fit in extra lighting if you prefer. The hand laid fiberglass has a white primer finish with black under/back side. The front spoiler attaches to the front flares for a 1pc appearance. During installation its best to install the front 3pc all together this will give the install a clean tight finish. With your flare kit you will receive screws to attach flares to the inner fender lip, nuts/bolts/washers to attach front spoiler to front flares and a few more screws to attach the front spoiler to the metal support behind front bumper. (Watch out for radiator or radiator hoses). Installation is not that difficult and can be done by most do it your selfers. 

Manufactured in the USA with hand laid fiberglass thats now 33% thicker, no chopper gun which will be a cheap mud fender flare that is far more brittle,the hand-laid fiberglass flares will insure your product last even on a daily driver, each wheel flare is custom designed to mold to the contour of your wheel wells. On most Vans the Front flares will attach to the front spoiler for a custom 1pc appearance. Openings in the Front Air Dam can be used as air ducts or outfitted with driving or fog lights. Whats the difference between a Blend Flare and a Mud Flare for your Van? The difference really comes down to the back side of the Flare, the blend flare ends at the bottom of the Van body, the bottom of the flare tapers back to the Van, while the Mud Flare extends down a few inches and squares off to function as a mud flap. Mud Flares have also been called Mudder Style. ** Vans with Sliding doors may require modifications for installation.**


TNV Van Flare Kit - 3pc Mud Style Chevrolet, GMC G-Series Full Size Van 1983-1996


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Back in the early 70's E & M Wholesale was established providing Van Accessories for business throughout Southern California. E & M started slow then began to flourish having hundreds of product coming in and going out everyday. In the late 70's E & M went corporate and Accessory Center Inc. was born business was great and went like clock work till the mid 1990's.

With the emergence of Truck's and SUV's and the decline of Vans, Accessory Center Inc. had to make some changes. While still providing Van Accessories a new line of product's were added for Truck's & SUV's. Also Accessory Center Inc did something they had never done before, they unlocked the front door and started selling products to the public.

In 2000 Accessory Center ventured into the online world with for a decade and a half we have been the largest custom Van accessory website on the net and are quality choice in the Truck and SUV accessory market as well. 

TrucknVans ( TNV ) manufactures Custom Fiberglass Van Accessories as well as Fiberglass Rollpans, and private Label Nerf Bars and other quality Van and Truck Accessories. 

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TNV Van Flare Kit - 3pc Mud Style Chevrolet, GMC G-Series Full Size Van 1983-1996 Fits

  • 1983 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1984 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1985 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1986 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1987 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1988 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1989 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1990 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1991 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1992 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1993 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1994 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1995 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1996 CHEVROLET G10 VAN
  • 1983 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1984 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1985 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1986 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1987 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1988 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1989 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1990 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1991 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1992 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1993 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1994 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1995 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1996 CHEVROLET G20 VAN
  • 1983 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1984 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1985 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1986 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1987 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1988 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1989 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1990 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1991 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1992 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1993 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1994 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1995 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1996 CHEVROLET G30 VAN
  • 1983 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1984 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1985 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1986 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1987 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1988 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1989 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1990 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1991 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1992 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1993 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1994 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1995 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1996 GMC G15 VAN
  • 1983 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1984 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1985 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1986 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1987 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1988 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1989 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1990 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1991 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1992 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1993 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1994 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1995 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1996 GMC G25 VAN
  • 1983 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1984 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1985 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1986 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1987 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1988 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1989 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1990 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1991 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1992 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1993 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1994 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1995 GMC G35 VAN
  • 1996 GMC G35 VAN