BLOG POST - Sweet Dreams Custom Ford Van

Sweet Dreams Custom Ford Van

Ford Custom Van - Sweet Dreams

This is Sweet Dreams 1990 E 150 Econoline Zachary and Nicole Clement of North East Custom Vans have transformed this van from completely stock to a full custom. They show Sweet Dreams in late Ford Street class and have placed every show they have entered this year. They have been a vannin since 2000 and this is the 4th van they have custom built. 

On the Exterior we can see that ther have added a fiberglass bubble top with the Sweet Dreams name on the rear.
Sweat Dreams Custom Van Rear - Van Louvers
The Rear of the Van youll find a pair of Van Louvers that have been painted silver to fit the Vans color scheme. Moving forward you'll see this Custom Ford Van outfitted with Custom T-Slider Van Windows and a Mud Style Flare Kit.
Custom Ford Van
On the front of the Van Zachary and Nicole have a fiberglass wiper cowl a custom grille and accessory lighting. Open the doors and check out the lighted door pulls, custom door panel covers, and blue door lock stems to compliment the Vans interior. 
Van Door Panels

 Van LouversVan Louvers 
Mud Style - Van Flare Kit Mud Style Van Flare Kit
T-Slider Van WindowsT-Slider Van Windows
Van Door PanelDoor Panel Covers
Van Door PullsVan Door Pulls