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Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Protection

Tailgate theft is one of the most common vehicular crimes. The reason that tailgates are stolen so rampantly is they are so easy to take. Drop tailgate un-clip side support cables angle and pull. The Tailgate of a truck can easily be stolen in about 20 seconds. Lets face it if someone wants something bad enough they will take it no matter what security you have in place. Just look at the $150 Million Dollar heist in Oceans Eleven. All jokes aside. Most Tailgate theft is from the pettiest of criminals and there is no reason to risk being caught by spending 5-10 minutes to steal a tailgate when a few drive ways or parking lot stalls away there is one prime for the taking. The more difficult you make the tailgate theft the more likely it will not happen. Tailgates are extremely expensive these days most costing close to $2000 to replace. Its estimated that as many as 100,000 tailgates are stolen every year. Its crazy not to protect your self. 

First Line of defense Pop & Lock Talgate Handle Lock for Toyota Tacoma 
Tailgate Handle Lock Toyota Tacoma
The BOLT Code-able Tailgate Handle Lock is a full handle replacement work with or with out the factory backup camera and utilizes your ignition key so no added keys are required. This install will take about 15-20 minutes no drilling and other then flipping the driver side handle rod no modifications are required. The Tailgate Handle Locks are a great start for tailgate security but its really not enough what if you forget to lock it? or the thief may punch the lock. That brings us to our second tailgate security product for the Toyota Tacoma. 

The GateKeeper Tailgate Theft Prevention 
Gate Keeper Tailgate Security Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Lock

The Tailgate Theft Prevention Security bracket is custom designed specifically for your Tacoma fits over the open hinge of the tailgate eliminating the ability to easily remove the tailgate from the truck. One of the Torx head screws are removed from the tailgate bracket and is replaced with a supplied allen head bolt. The original Torx head bolt can sometimes be difficult to remove be sure to use a quality torx bit to prevent striping the bolt and you may need to use a torque wrench. Once removed but the tailgate security bracket in place and bolt on back into the existing threaded hole and your done. Installation of the GateKeeper for the Tacoma can often be done in just a few minutes. We have been asked or told this is nothing more then a glorified hose clamp. Couldn't be more wrong your average petty thief doesn't carry a multitude of tools with them a hose clamp can be removed with a flat screw driver, a pocket knife, or a key. Also a hose clamp will cause damage to the truck it rubs the paint off of the hinge and the screw claps of the clamp can also scratch the outside edge of the truck bed. Over time the raw metal can produce rust. So now the few dollars that were saved using a hose clamp costs you hundreds later.  So for about $100 you can save your self $1000's also gives you piece of mind and dont we have enough to worry about? 

Buy - Pop & Lock Talgate Handle Lock for Toyota Tacoma

Buy - GateKeeper Tailgate Theft Prevention for Toyota Tacoma