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    TSI Products - Texas Saddlebags

    TSI Products, Inc. (Texas Saddlebags) is the largest manufacturer of upholstered and injection molded plastic aftermarket consoles in the United States. We take pride in designing and building innovative, quality products and are always striving to put the finest products on the market. 

    The Originators... 
    Saddlebags are the original console started in 1985. We created the entire upholstered console category and hold many patents and trademarks. Over the years we have had competitors come and go, but people always remember the high quality, quick shipping and our honest business practices. It is our mission to put the provide quality products that provide value to our customers. 

    The Manufacturer... 
    From the start to finish, TSI builds everything in-house, beginning with 3-D Computer Aided Design which leads to rapid prototyping in sterolithography, in-house plastic injection molding, as well as a complete cut and sew operation. By controlling every aspect of manufacturing, we can maintain the highest level of quality, control consistency, and provide fast order turn around. 

    The Innovators... 
    The United States Patent office has granted TSI Products, Inc. ( TSI ) various trademarks and patents on its products. It is TSI policy to protect its creative product designs by all legal means available, including patents and trademarks. TSI actively enforces its patent and trademark rights and will take action against infringers to protect its interest; however, TSI solicits and prefers trade cooperation in the avoidance of infringement. 

    The United States Patent office has granted TSI Products, Inc. the following patents: 

    Patent No. Des. 317,674 
    Patent No. Des. 363,698 
    Patent No. Des. 346,066 
    Patent No. Des. 375,480 
    Patent No. Des. 390,186 
    Patent No. Des. 396,844 
    Patent No. Des. 397,083 
    Patent No. Des. 408,349 
    Patent No. Des. 430,535 
    Patent No. Des. 438,841 
    Patent No. Des. 443,246 
    U.S Patent. 5,887,934 

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