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    Automotive Replacement Bulbs

    Replacement Bulbs are available in Incandescent , Halogen , Xenon gas types. Multiple color options and light outputs. When your taillight bulb , signal bulb , runninglight bulb, Fog Light or Headlight bulbs go out you can simply swap the bulb out to a OEM style bulb, or you can upgrade to a premium halogen or xenon gass filled bulb. The halogen bulbs are generally 33%-50% brighter to standard bulbs while the Xenon bulbs can be up to twice as bright while still using the same wattage as a standard bulb. 

    When switch out your Signal Lamps you may want to switch to an amber halogen bulb rather then the standard clear bulb or go with a custom Super White bulb providing a white with blue hue light output mimicking HID and Xenon headlights. 

    Bulbs are designed as direct replacements and use the same bulb #'s are your factory bulbs. Example a 3157 Bulb will use a Xenon Bulb Model # 3157. While some manufactures will provide Year,Make Model look up other lights may need you to select the proper bulb # . Finding the bulb number is easy you can get the number right off the existing bulb, consult your user manual.  Look up the bulb # using Sylvania Automotive Replacement Bulb Guide  or contact us and we will look it up for you. or 800-924-0647 (9am-6pm PST)

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Replacement Bulbs

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