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    Todays Modern standard headlights are incorporated into the design of the vehicles body for improved styling and performance. While lighting has improved it could always be better. The opening of improvements of factory headlights have allowed aftermarket manufacturers the freedom to make more unique designs and adding features including turn signal/parking/running lights built in the headlight housing the addition of LEDs, projector beams, halos, and U-Bars. 

    When you have and older vehicle your headlights degrade drastically reducing the light output, making driving at night hazardous and giving an undesirable appearance to your vehicle with yellow crusty headlamps. Thats when an update to a custom or factory replacement headlight is a great option. All of our direct fit headlights are designed to utilize OEM mounting points and hardware for a straight forward installation. Upgraded custom headlights may require some additional lighting for the add-on features. 

    All of the headlights we sell (unless noted) are DOT/SAE approved and meet or exceed all standard for use through out the USA. replacement headlights will appear, fit, and function just like the factory units, and meet all legal standards for highway use. Choosing the right style of lighting Projector headlights produce a clean sharp focused beam of light with less scatter loss compared to OEM headlights. Where a euro or diamond style headlight will feature a parabolic reflector which reflects light outward in a dispersed pattern for wider light output. LED lights are incredibly durable while also being energy efficient , with an average lifespan of over 6 years of constant running. 

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