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    Gooseneck Hitch

    A gooseneck hitch is designed to mount in the truck bed much life a Fifth Wheel Tow Hitch, though the goosenech hitch utilizes a ball and coupler versus a kingpin and fifth wheel hitch. Harse and Livestock trailers are some of the most popular trailers that utilize the Gooseneck style hitch. There are also flat bed trailers and toy haulers using Gooseneck style hitches.  

    Gooseneck hitches are available in a couple of configurations mainly in bed and under bed. With the in bed mounting option installation will generally be quicker and easier you will just have the gooseneck and mounting hardware that is permanently mounted in the truck bed. 

    For a cleaner look that alows full use of your truck bed you can go with an under bed mount which will require a 3.5" diamet hole drilled in the bed then all the hardware is under the bed out of sight and out of obstruction when needing the bed for cargo space when not towing.

    Gooseneck Hitch In truck Bed Trailer Hitch

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Gooseneck Hitches

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