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    Brake Controller and Brake Controller Accessories

    We offer a quality array of Brake Controller. Brake Controllers are an electric trailer brake controller that  supply's power from the tow vehicle to the trailer's electric brakes. We offer both Proportional Brake Controllers, or Time Delayed Brake Controllers here is some more information to insure you get the Trailer Brake Controller best for your towing needs.

    Timed Brake Controllers

    Timed Brake Controllers are a common choice for your basic light duty towing needs. The  time-actuated brake  controls have solid state electronics and can be mounted in any position in your cab for convenience whether its horizontal, vertical, even turned upside down. With a Timed - Time Delayed Solid Stake brake controller, when you step on the vehicle brakes, a pre-determined supply of braking power is sent to the towed trailer and then there is a delay as the brake controller ramps up to full braking power. A couple of major benefits of timed brake controllers are they are generally quicker and easier to install, and its ability to easily integrate with the modern OEM wiring harness under your Truck, SUV or Van's dash.

    Proportional Brake Controllers

    Proportional style b rake controllers offer a silky smooth braking response to almost any stop. Through the use of a sensing device, the proportional brake control can determine the tow vehicle's rate of braking deceleration and then apply the trailer brakes to match that rate. Proportional Brake Controls deliver braking power to the trailer brakes in direct relationship with the physical deceleration of your Truck, SUV or Van that is towing the trailer. 

    Proportional brake controller are also quick and easy to install on most vehicle especially with vehicle that are brake controller ready and plug straight into the OEM under dash wiring harness. Proportional Brake Controllers are the preferred option for heavier weight towing. 5th Wheel, Goose Neck, Toy Haulers and Campers. Proportional brake controllers increasing braking efficiency and reducing brake wear.

    Breakaway Kits for Brake Controllers

    Breakaway Kits are designed to supply electricity to the trailer’s electric brakes in the event that the trailer becomes disconnected from the tow hitch and towing vehicle when the trailer is moving. While not required in all states they truly are a safety must have.

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Brake Controllers

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