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    When towing a trailer adding a basket rack, a bike rack or other cargo accessories generally the first staple is the Trailer Tow Hitch. We carry custom fit receiver tow hitches for most of today and yesterdays Trucks, SUV's and Vans. A Tow Hitch gives your vehicle added versatility and abilities that the vehicle just couldn't have with out it, add another 8 cubic feet of cargo space by adding a basket rack, bring along four bikes with your Honda CRV, or Tow a 24ft Boat with your Dodge Ram Truck.  It all starts with a Hitch. You'll find Class I-V hitches you'll see a chart below that shows trailer weight ratings in a chart below. 

    So What is Tongue Weight? What is Trailer Weight? 

    Tongue Weight is the amount of weight that can be placed straight on the the tow hitch itself. For example if you had a Jeep Cherokee that has a Class III hitch which sports a 500lb Tongue Weight Rating and you want to add a basket rack to take extra cargo/luggage for your weekend trips. You have the ability to place 500lb so if the rack itself is 60lbs you can place 440lbs of cargo in the basket of course you'll want to make sure the basket can handle the weight but you get the idea. . 

    Trailer Weight is the weight capacity of the combination of the trailer and load they your are carrying. So example you have a Chevrolet Silverado Truck with a Class IV hitch with a 6000lb weight capacity you have a 21' Boat weighing in at 2500lbs and a aluminum trailer at 1250lbs combined at 3750lbs with your Class IV tow hitch with a maximum weight capacity of 6000lbs you'll have plenty of excess weight to add a cooler to that boat full loaded. 

    After you get your Trailer Hitch done forget to get a ball mount receiver and tow ball which you can find right here. 

    We carry Tow Hitches from Draw-Tite , Reese , Hidden Hitch as well as APS Magnum hitches. Also for the trucks with Rollpans we have specialty RollPan Tow Hitches from CTM and Street Scene. 

    If you have any question or need help in finding the best tow hitch for your vehicle give us a call at 800-924-0647 or email us at

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