A Guide to Choosing Between Lund Nerf Bars and Running Boards

When choosing between Lund nerf bars and running boards it's important to take into consideration the full range of differences between the two products as well as the market options available. Our team at TrucknVans.com has significant experience in this area of the marketplace, and we are highlighting the steps to make in completing the comparison between the two.

  •   Consider the Size Differences

One of the most important considerations when evaluating the differences between Lund nerf bars and running boards is the sizes of the products. Nerf bars are designed to span only the cab of the truck. And this means you will have to find a different way to access the bed and other areas behind the cab. If you only require a step to the cab then the Lund nerf bars are ideal for your needs. However, you may require running boards to access the bed and the back of the vehicle. Analyze the product and its size carefully before making your final decision.

  •   Review the Potential for Passengers

For those with four-door trucks, the need for Lund running boards becomes more important. Choosing the Lund product will allow you to give access to passengers within the vehicle through all four doors. And this can help you to provide a more convenient transit option when traveling in groups.

  •   Consider the Brand Carefully

While products from respected manufacturers such as Lund will offer lasting performance, make sure that you select this type of quality product. Lund nerf bars are designed with high durability materials that won't limit their value over the long-term. However, other products in the marketplace have significant issues that weaken the structure and may cause aesthetic and functional issues. Work with local experts to ensure the right product is chosen for your vehicle.

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